Why do we need a higher participation of older workers in employment ?
How do we obtain it ?
The AGE IN TANDEM project will be based on...

Higher participation of older workers in employment is an important factor that contributes to smart, sustainable and inclusive growth, and to achieving the Europe 2020 headline target of aiming to raise the employment rate for women and men to 75%. Thus it is important to tackle age discrimination regarding employment and occupation, given that ageism is an important exclusion factor for older workers on labour markets.

Following these needs and challenges, the main objective of the project is the involvement of a transnational partnership with the goal to adapt and transfer the good practice realised in a previous Innovative Action project (TALENTAGED). In order to do so, the consortium will analyse the situation of retention and re employment of the ageing workforce, by acting through local work-teams composed by a training / guidance structure leading and testing the process and by a number of firms available to test the methodology.