Objectives and activities


The improvement of senior employees’ key competences and the support of their employability/mobility within the labour market by promoting professional re-entry/change and supporting the choice processes, are the goals of Age in Tandem and of TALENTAGED methodology at large.

  • To improve the exchange of innovative solutions across Europe regarding vocational training and counselling in order to help senior workers to retain their jobs and/or promote their employability.
  • To increase the awareness on the necessity to enhance the lifelong learning and counselling tools used by the vocational training and career guidance centres and institutions, especially those addressed to senior workers.
  • To reduce the gap between vocational training and career guidance centres, and the labour market (both public and private, particularly of SMEs), in such a way as to encourage mutual cooperation much to the advantage of senior workers.
  • To promote a gender approach in the vocational training and career guidance strategies and actions, with particular regard to the special needs of female workers, especially senior ones, and/or those who have been far from the labour market for a long time;
  • Alongside with the developing professional skills, to encourage the enhancing and recognition of key competences (key competence 5: learning to learn, key competence 6: Social and civic competences and Key Competence 7: Sense of initiative and entrepreneurship) and of transversal competences, with particular regard to those acquired through non-formal and informal learning, also by implementing competence evaluation and certification processes.
  • To help these processes through the reduction of the digital divide, by providing training and creating digital media tools for a more aware use of digital media services.

Project activities

Management and coordination of the project

  • Coordination and management of internal and external communication systems.
  • Coordination and management of the network’s administration and support to the members of the partnership.
  • Organization of meetings, workshops and national and transnational seminars.
  • Periodic follow-up.
  • Deployment and implementation of a system of quality management in relation to resources, processes, beneficiaries, results and products.
  • Definition, implementation and management of a system of monitoring and evaluation (methodologies, tools, partnerships, beneficiaries, impact objectives, results and products).

Needs analysis and target group analysis

  • To analyze the training needs of professionals (trainers) with reference to aging work force in the territories which have not been investigated during the previous TALENTAGED project.
  • To examine and analyze the needs of the final beneficiaries, unemployed and workers seniors in particular, women, who are facing a change in business or looking to re-enter the labour market, with particular attention to the differences between one country and another and from one i
  • dustry type to another.

Transfer between international experts and local operators

  • To revise the original TALENTAGED model in order to verify the transferability, make the necessary changes and additions compared to different local and professional contexts and answer to the needs of participants and beneficiaries in each target area of the transfer;
  • To improve the TALENTAGED model with any existing local models in order to obtain a product/path that reflects the needs of the local business environment;
  • To adapt the original TALENTAGED model so as to be able to use it also in e-learning, predisposing it to the sharing online platform that will be created, making it multi-lingual, accessible and user-friendly for operators and trainers of the European countries in which it will be transferred;
  • To adapt the TALENTAGED model to the European priorities of validation of non formal and informal learning and development of key competencies (particularly soft skills) acquired in non-formal and informal contexts.

Transfer between local operators and companies

  • Transfer the TALENTAGED Model at a local level, in each involved country, with the involvement of operators and companies, employers, mature workers and unemployed persons;
  • Monitoring and analysis of feedback from applications of the TALENTAGED model
  • Creation of a local report of evaluation of the TALENTAGED model transfer;
  • Creation of a final report of evaluation of the transfer that compares the results obtained in different contexts.

Network coordination and dissemination

  • The partners will build a network of operators specialized in the permanence and re-entry of mature workers. No new structures will be created, but this network will be created within the existing EU TANDEM PLUS network, who will act as coordinator. We will proceed with :
    • The creation of the graphic materials (logos, brochures, leaflets, posters etc.);
    • The creation of an interactive online multi-languages platform for sharing the adapted model and the validation of the results of realization of the paths;
    • The creation of 2 Transnational events for the dissemination of the project results and for the promotion of the TALENTAGED methodology and, more generally, of an age-friendly approach between employers and training professionals;
    • Developing an external communication plan, supported by a local plan for each territory involved (newsletters, press releases, media communication etc).